An international student’s guide to beating winter in Canada

It is not a new surprise that Canada is one of the best study destinations for international students, due to its academic excellence, low cost of living compared to other countries, and above all, its distinctive and vibrant culture. In addition , Canadian universities are internationally recognized, offering many different study programs in various fields.

Canada is also known for its stunning natural scenery and some parts of it are covered in breathtaking white snow throughout the winter. Despite these advantages, snowfall causes inconvenience to many people, especially international students who are not accustomed to this climate, but you will find many tips and solutions for enjoying the Canadian weather in this article.

Learn about the expected weather conditions in major cities in Canada:

Citydegree Celsius
Montreal – 4 -11
Calgary – 1 -11
Ancover 3 – 8

Challenges faced by international students in a Canadian winter

International students face many challenges during the winter in Canada, depending on their safety precautions and the type of country of origin, and these challenges are:

  • If your home country’s weather is mild and warm, you may find it difficult to survive the winter in Canada; Because temperatures may drop below zero, this makes completing small tasks a bit stressful, such as going to college or buying essential products for the home.
  • Many international students have difficulty purchasing winter clothing or products in Canada, as they can be expensive due to the high quality required to survive the winter.
  • Also, international students face another challenge of not asking questions and looking for answers before coming to the country, such as “How long is the winter in Canada?” “What are some tips for surviving a Canadian winter?” Or when does winter start in Canada? You must know all these details to prepare well for this special season.

5 important tips to overcome winter in Canada

You have learned about the most important problems that you may face as an international student. It is time to know the 5 most important tips to keep in mind to overcome the problems of winter in Canada:

  • Constantly monitor weather conditions

Always follow the weather forecast for the city you live in to keep you informed and take personal precautions. But in general, winters in cities like Vancouver  , Surrey, and Victoria are warmer, while winters in  Ottawa  , Montreal  , and Toronto are bitterly cold.

  • Wear appropriate clothing

To avoid severe frostbite and hypothermia, you must wear appropriate clothing for this climate, such as purchasing waterproof clothing and choosing quality over cost, as this should not be underestimated.

  • Make your home safe from the cold

Make your home safe from the cold by repairing all cracks and holes to prevent cold air from entering, and we advise you to use a humidifier. Also, you should have flashlights in case the power goes out in your area, and having winter emergency supplies in your home is always a good idea.

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Maintain a healthy lifestyle by getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and drinking your daily quota of water to maintain your body’s hydration level. There’s also no need to remind you to eat your vegetables and fruits and get essential vitamins like C, D and B12 to keep you warm and healthy during the winter.

  • Enjoy the winter weather in Canada

Enjoy the atmosphere and entertainment during the winter in Canada, which includes skiing, ice hockey and more. Moreover, if you intend to visit northern Canada, you should go skiing and enjoy the charming snow-covered landscape.

List of essentials for a Canadian winter

If this is your first winter in Canada, here is a list of some essentials to bring with you when traveling:

Winter clothesEmergency suppliesAccessories
Waterproof jacket and shoes Ice remover Hand warmer bags 
Bomber jacket first aid kit Wool gloves 
Thick socks Small kit wool hat 
coatsScouts circuit Waterproof phone case 
High-heeled shoes Non-perishable preserved foods Quick drying towels 
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