Study, live and live in Los Angeles for international students

It’s called the City of Angels, or Tinseltown, or La La Land, but whatever you call it, you certainly have an idea of ​​what Los Angeles has to offer, but you’ll see more here than you see in the movies and its residents will tell you it’s a place to enjoy the moments of your life and the world around you and create… Happy memories of this place.

When you study here, you will enjoy the hustle and bustle of big city life and at the same time see the discoveries of quiet cities built with the dreams and aspirations of people in all fields.

Hiking places in Los Angeles

Many visitors to Los Angeles do not venture out of its residential area, which is unfortunate because it is a city full of stunning nature that is worth your visit.

And when you’re ready to enjoy the fresh air and gorgeous views that don’t appear in the movies, try some classic outdoor adventures.

Wisdom Tree Hike

If you want to see all of Los Angeles, you should visit this place. On a clear, clear day, from the top of this mountain you can see the Griffith Observatory, downtown, and all the major studios. If you continue walking along the mountain peak, you will find yourself behind the famous Hollywood sign!

When you finish admiring the beauty of the city from that peak, spend some time admiring the true wonder of this place, which is the Wisdom Tree, or the Tree of Wisdom. This tree is famous for being the only pine tree that survived the Hollywood fire in 2007; Therefore, it became a symbol of hope for those who visited it.

Therefore, you should take a look at the dozens of magazines and drawings that visitors left under the tree, and do not hesitate to bring your notebook with you to leave behind; How wonderful to know that you are leaving something to be part of the Los Angeles landscape!

Santa Monica Beach bike path

Santa Monica Beach is considered one of the beautiful beaches in Los Angeles, but it may sometimes be difficult for you to enjoy its beauty because of the crowds. Fortunately for you, a bike is a great way to escape the crowds and enjoy the beach itself. There’s no need to worry if you don’t have a bike, there are plenty of rental options available.

Some apps allow you to rent a bike, such as Santa Monica Bike Share and JUMP , and there are many bike shops spread along the beach, such as Beach Cruiser Rentals, which rent bikes to you at fixed daily rates. Just remember to wear a helmet, regardless of the rental.

Will Rogers State Beach

If you want to relax on a beach where you can easily find a place to lie down, go to Will Rogers Beach in the afternoon.

Santa Monica and Venice beaches are famous for being crowded, but Will Rogers Beach is quieter and more secluded, which makes it one of the best beaches to enjoy the sun, hang out with your friends, and read some books in the summer. Don’t forget to apply extra sunscreen and bring plenty of water!

The best places to study in Los Angeles

It’s very easy to overcome study fatigue in Los Angeles. Although libraries are always the best option for obtaining books, Los Angeles offers you different options to enjoy your study time.

The Getty Center

If you are the type of person who finds inspiration in classic paintings and priceless artifacts, studying at the Getty Center will make your dream come true. This center offers you many services for free, such as free entry, Wi-Fi, and wide open spaces, so you can write an essay or prepare for semester tests.

Bring a blanket to relax on and study in the gardens, or sit at a table overlooking the Los Angeles skyline, plan downtime, and admire the collection of art and architecture.

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